Membership is open to scholars, students and teachers of nineteenth-century American history at all levels. We currently have a membership of over one hundred, most of them teachers and researchers specializing in United States history in British universities, but also including graduate students, interested laymen, and foreign scholars. Membership payments are mostly used to finance postgraduate conference bursaries and to meet the Associations’ extremely small running costs. Members receive regular emails with updates on conferences, publications, and workshops taking place across the UK related to nineteenth-century America, and have the opportunity to publicise their own research on our website.

Along with membership of BrANCH, you are also able to purchase a reduced-price subscription to the Taylor and Francis journal, American Nineteenth Century History

Please note that you must be a member of BrANCH to attend the annual conference. The membership year runs January to December.


The membership fees for this year are:

    • Standard: £25
    • Postgraduate: £5
    • Standard with American Nineteenth Century History: £60
    • Postgraduate with American Nineteenth Century History: £40

Join Online:

To join, please fill in the membership form attached here, and either email or mail it to our treasurer, Dr. Daniel Peart. You can either pay by bank transfer (UK bank accounts only), PayPal (using the links below), or cheque (pounds sterling only). If you pay by bank transfer or PayPal, please do not forget to send in the membership form so that your details can be added to our records.

Please forward your completed membership form, and cheque if necessary, to the following address or email:

Dr. Daniel Peart
School of History
Queen Mary University of London
London, England
E1 4NS.