The Peter J. Parish Memorial Fund

About Peter J. Parish

The death of Peter Parish in May 2002 deprived American history in this country of both one of its most impressive exponents and a widely revered father figure. Not only was Peter a fine historian, but he contributed constructively to the development of the subject within British universities, colleges and schools. Besides his representative work at the national level, he lectured, examined, advised at institutions all over the UK, and for many individuals became at once adviser, patron, and friend. In his last years, he co-founded BrANCH as an association to foster the academic interests of British American Nineteenth Century Historians, and served as its first chairman for seven years.

The Peter J. Parish Memorial Fund

In memory of an extraordinary man and colleague, the BrANCH committee established the Peter J. Parish Memorial Fund as a means of helping the next generation of British American historians to embark successfully on a career of scholarly historical research into the nineteenth-century United States. This is an object that Peter himself felt was not only desirable but necessary in present circumstances.

Donations are used to support postgraduate research trips to the US and generous bursaries that allow students to attend the BrANCH annual conference.

To donate to the Peter J. Parish Memorial Fund and help support a new generation of British American historians please donate here.

The Peter Parish Memorial Fund Committee shares in BrANCH’s charitable status, and is responsible to the BrANCH committee, who are legally the charity’s trustees. Richard Carwardine, the President of Corpus Christie College at Oxford, is the chairman, Adam Smith (UCL), the secretary. The other members are Elizabeth Clapp (Leicester), Susan-Mary Grant (Newcastle), David Turley (Kent), and Helen Parish (Reading). The distinguished Southern historian Dan Carter, of the University of South Carolina, has agreed to act as American agent of the fund.

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