2014 Rice University, Houston

3-5 April 2014: Special Conference at Rice University, Houston

As a result of the extraordinary generosity of John Boles and his colleagues at Rice University we are now able to issue a call for papers and panels for the above conference on topics within the usual BrANCH time span of 1789 to 1917.

John and Rice are offering to cover local expenses (hotel, meals and local transport) for up to 30 academic colleagues from the UK and in addition for a number of postgraduate students there is likely to be some funding beyond the coverage of local expenses.

It is hoped that some US-based members of BrANCH will wish to attend but they are not covered by the Rice University offer.

All UK-based members of BrANCH benefiting from the Rice offer will be expected to present a paper.

Proposals of about 200 words for papers and panels should be sent by the end of Friday 20 September 2013 BOTH to me (D.M.Turley@kent.ac.uk) AND to the secretary of the conference, Dr David Brown (Brown.D@manchester.ac.uk).

We expect to issue a draft programme shortly after the Madingley conference this October.

This is the third in our tradition of conferences held in the United States as guests of American colleagues. It is a great opportunity and we eagerly anticipate exciting proposals.

David Turley

Chair, BrANCH