2014 Reading

We are pleased to announcer the 2014 BrANCH/HOTCUS joint conference at the University of Reading! Please find registration here. Panels will include:

Friday 5 September
  • Plenary Session: Putting History In Its Place: Writing American History in Europe
  • Alternative Histories of the American 1980s
  • The Cold War and Foreign Policy
  • Americans, Disease and Illness
  • Re-thinking Music and Politics in American History
  • BrANCH Parish Lecture: Leslie Butler (Dartmouth College): The Social
    Imaginary of “Movement” in the Nineteenth Century.
Saturday 6th  September
  • The USA and Asia
  • The Media and the Politics of Identity
  • American Conservatism
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Searching for “Truths”: Memories of American Slavery since Emancipation
  • Capitalism, the US, and the World
  • History, Identity, and American Evangelicals, 19th Century to the Present
  • Families, Masculinity, and Femininity
  • Native American History
  • Britain and the USA
  • Racial Politics in the 1960s
  • American History and Memory
Sunday 7th September
  • Harlem as Place and Symbol since 1900
  • Model Empires
  • Environments and Disasters
  • Challenging White Hegemony
  • Urban History
  • Death and Dying
  • Expansion and Foreign Policy
  • Babies, Teens, and Baptists: Religious Conservatives and Abortion Policy in the Era of the Religious Right

Please find the draft conference programme here.