2007 Madingley

2007: Fourteenth Annual Conference, Madingley Hall, Cambridge
October 12-14
Conference Programme
FRIDAY, 12 October 2007
Session 1 (4.30-5.30): Punishment and Protest
Chair: Elizabeth Clapp (University of Leicester)
James Campbell (Portsmouth): “Race, Crime, and Punishment in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, from Reconstruction to the Jazz Age: A Comparative Study.”
Charles Postel (Cal State, Sacramento): “Robert Ingersoll and the Moral Frameworks of Gilded Age Social Protest.”
Session 2 (8.30-9.30): Peter Parish Memorial Lecture
Chair: Martin Crawford (Keele)
Heather Cox Richardson (U Mass Amherst): “Bury My Pen at Wounded Knee: Writing American History in the New Millennium.”
SATURDAY, 13 October 2007
Session 3 (9.00-10.45): New Views of Reconstruction
Chair: Silvana Siddali (Saint Louis University)
Eric Rauchway (UC Davis): “Reconstruction as a Policy of Development.”
Bruce E. Baker (Royal Holloway, U of London) and Brian Kelley (Queen’s University, Belfast): “After Reconstruction: Struggles over Race and Labor in the Carolinas.”
Jay Sexton (Oxford): “The Civil War and the Evolution of U.S. Foreign Policy: The Case of the Monroe Doctrine.”
Session 4 (11.15-1.00): Themes in American Women’s History
Chair: Christopher Clark (University of Connecticut)
Marie Molloy (Keele): “Single, White and Southern: The Problem of Female Singleness in the Nineteenth-Century American South.”
William Jones (Cardiff): “Language, Religion, Science and Feminism in the Writings of Margaret E. Roberts (1833-c.1911).”
Elizabeth Clapp (Leicester): “‘The Widow of a Revolutionary War Officer’: Mrs. Anne Royall’s Campaign for a Government Pension.”
Session 5A (4.15-5.45): Visualizing the Past 
Chair: Thomas Knoles (American Antiquarian Society).
Lucia Knoles (Assumption College): “Our Old Acquaintance Sambo:’ Images of African-Americans in Northern Newspapers in the Antebellum and Civil War Years.”
John McClymer (Assumption College): “Visual Proof of White Supremacy: The American Campaign in the Philippines in Film, Stereopticon Slides, and Advertisements.”
Georgia Barnhill, (American Antiquarian Society): “New Opportunities for Scholars through the Center for Historic American Visual Culture at the American Antiquarian Society (CHAVIC).”
Session 5B (4.15-5.45): A New Nation Votes: American Electoral Return 1787-1825
Chair: Donald Ratcliffe (Oxford).
Andrew W. Robertson (City University of New York): “Using the New Nation Votes Website as a Resource for Research and Instruction.”
Krista Ferrante (American Antiquarian Society): ‘“The Results are in. . .’: Bringing the Philip Lampi Collection of Early American Election Returns, 1787-1825, into the Digital Age.”
Philip J. Lampi, “A Lifetime of Valiant Labor: The Joy of Collecting the Early National Voting Returns.”
Comment by Ronald P. Formisano (University of Kentucky)
Session 6 (8.30-9.30)
Melvyn Stokes (UCL): “Cinema and the ‘Lost Cause’: The Re-discovery of the Ante-Bellum South on Film.”
SUNDAY, October 14, 2007
Session 7 (9.00-10.45): The Last Panel Ever About the Slave Community
Chair: Edward E. Baptist (Cornell)
Walter L. Johnson, (Harvard)
Anthony G. Kaye, (Pennsylvania State)
Edward E. Baptist (Cornell)
Dylan Penningroth (Northwestern)
Session 8 (11.15-12.45): International Vistas: New Perspectives on the Americas 
Chair: Catherine Clinton (Queen’s University Belfast)
Daniel Kilbride (John Carroll): “Beyond Capitalism and Feudalism: Planter-Class Southerners in Atlantic Perspective.”

Susanna Delfino (Genoa): “The Southern Industrial Project: Toward a New Economic and Social History of the US S