2006 Oxford

2006: Thirteenth Annual Conference, St. Catherine’s College, Oxford
Friday, 22 September 2006
Session 1 (4.45-5.30)
Chair: Richard Carwardine (University of Oxford)
Jacqueline G. Campbell (University of Connecticut): “I look at them as Fallen Angels”: The Cultural Politics of Occupation in Civil War New Orleans
5.45-6.45pm: Reception at the Rothermere American Institute Sponsored by the RAI.
The Vere Harmsworth Library, which is housed in the RAI, will extend its opening hours until 6.45pm to allow delegates to inspect the library and a special nineteenth-century exhibition. It will also be open on Saturday afternoon.
Chair: Martin Crawford (Keele University)
Sean Wilentz (Princeton University): The Rise of Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln
Session 3 (9.00-10.45): Democracy, Whiggery, and Popular Politics
Chair: Dan Feller (University of Tennessee, Knoxville)
Daniel Walker Howe (Oxford and UCLA): What Hath God Wrought: an unDemocratic View of Jacksonian America
Panel on the Rise of Democracy:
Commentators: Donald Ratcliffe (University of Oxford); Interlocutors: Dan Howe, Bill Shade, Sean Wilentz
10.45-11.15pm: Coffee
Session 4 (11.15-12.55): Parallel Sessions
Perspectives on Antebellum Democracy
Chair: Donald Ratcliffe (Oxford)
James Simeone (Illinois Wesleyan University): The Dilemmas of Agrarian Democracy in Illinois
Maria O. Troyanovsky (Moscow State University): Early American Democracy in Russian Historical Thought
William G. Shade (Lehigh University): Changing Definitions of Democracy in the United States, 1776-1865
Responding to Rebellion
Chair: Constance Schulz (University of South Carolina)
Silvana R. Siddali (Saint Louis University): Northern Responses to Sherman’s March
Nichola Clayton (University of Sheffield): Henry Wilson’s Southern Tour and the Question of Confiscation in 1867
David M. Prior (University of South Carolina): Reconstruction and the Cretan Insurrection against Ottoman Rule, 1866-68
1pm: Lunch
2-2.30pm: AGM
The Vere Harmsworth Library (housed in the Rothermere American Institute) will open specially for this afternoon, 12.00-4.00pm.
3.15-4pm: Presentation
Thompson Learning will unveil their new on-line resource: Nineteenth-Century US Newspapers Digital Archive
4-4.30pm: Tea
Session 5 (4.30-6.00): Death in the Afternoon
Chair: Stephen Tuck (University of Oxford)
Vivien Miller (Middlesex University): Dead Woman Walking: The Lincoln Assassination and the Hanging of Mary Surratt
Clive Webb (University of Sussex): Louis Moreno, the Last Mexican Lynched In California
6-7pm: Reception, in celebration of our President’s 90th birthday. Sponsored by Thompson Learning
7pm: Dinner
Session 7 (8.30-9.30): After Dinner Talk
Chair: Jay Sexton (University of Oxford)
Daniel E. Sutherland (University of Arkansas): James McNeill Whistler: A Portrait of the Artist as Arms Dealer
9.30pm-midnight: Bar
Sunday, 24 September 2006
Session 8 (9.15-10.45): Reconstructing the Lives of Slaves
Chair: Rebecca Griffin (University of East Anglia)
Edward Baptist (Cornell University): African-American Lives after Forced Internal Migration to the Deep South
Wesley Joyner (University of South Carolina): The Intellectual Life of Muslim Slaves in America
10.45-11.15am: Coffee
Session 9 (11.15-12.45): Coming to Terms with the Civil War
Chair: Bruce Baker (Royal Holloway College)
Susan-Mary Grant (University of Newcastle): ‘This Body Entire Shall Rise from the Grave’: Nationalism, Religion, and the
Disabled Veteran in the American Civil War.
Rebecca Starr (University of Gloucestershire): ‘What the Heart Arranged’: The Civil War of Sophie Bledsoe Herrick, 1870-1877
1pm: Lunch
2pm: Conference disperses
2.15pm: Walking Tour of Oxford