2008 Leicester

2008: Fifteenth Annual Conference, University of Leicester
FRIDAY, 19 September
4.00-5.00 SESSION
Ruth Crocker (Auburn University), “Lady Managers at the New York Women’s Hospital: The Paradox of Benevolence in 19th Century Medical Therapeutics, 1870-1900”
Vivien Miller (Nottingham), “Domestic Atrocity and the Female Poisoner in the 19th Century United States”
5.15-6.15 SESSION
Peter Parish Lecture
Richard Blackett (Vanderbilt) “Fugitive Slaves and the Politics of Slavery, 1850-1861”

Parish Lecture Part 1

Parish Lecture Part 2

Parish Lecture Part 3

6.15-7.00: Drinks reception
7.00-8.30: Dinner
8.30-9.15 SESSION
Comments and discussion of the Parish lecture
SATURDAY, 20 September
9.00-10.45 SESSION
Chair: Adam Smith (University College London)
Carol Lasser (Oberlin), “Antebellum American Women and the Public Sphere: From Domestic Deference to Passionate Partisanship”
Stacey Robertson (Bradley), “Passionate Partisans: Women, Politics, and Abolition in the Old Northwest”
Daniel Peart (UCL), “Politics without parties: organizing the opposition to the establishment of slavery in Madison County, Illinois, 1823-1824”
10.45-11.15: Coffee
11.15-1.00 SESSION
Chair: David Brown (University of Manchester)
Daniel E. Sutherland (Arkansas), “Partisans, Guerillas, and Bushwackers: Rethinking the American Civil War”
David T. Gleeson (Charleston), “Irish Civilians and the Confederate States of America”
Paul Quigley (Edinburgh), “‘A Southern heart to beat with indignation at Southern wrongs’: Victimhood and Confederate Nationalism”
1.00-2.00: Lunch
3.30-4.15: BrANCH AGM
4.15-4.55 SESSION
Chairs: Bruce Baker (University of London) and Vivien Miller (University of Nottingham)
Robert Cook (Sussex), “William Pitt Fessenden, “moderate” Republicans and the Coming of the Civil War”
Constance Schultz (South Carolina), “Like Mother, Like Daughter? Eliza Lukas Pinckney and Harriett Pinckney Horry, Widowed South Carolina Plantation Mistresses”
5.00-5.40 SESSION
William Carrigan (Rowan), “Albert Parsons, Robert Lewis Dabney, and the Revolutionary Nature of Reconstruction”
John M. Thompson (Cambridge) “‘Get the Facts Vividly Before Them’: Theodore Roosevelt, Public Opinion, and the Panamanian Rebellion of 1903”
6.00: Drinks reception
7.00-8.30: Conference dinner
8.30-9.30 SESSION
Chair: Susan-Mary Grant (University of Newcastle)
Catherine Clinton (Belfast)
SUNDAY, 21 September
9.00-10.45 SESSION
Chair: Jay Sexton (University of Oxford)
Howard Temperley (East Anglia), “Anglo-American Relations and the Suppression of the Slave Trade”
Eric Walther (Houston, “’Strutting in London’: William Lowndes Yancey as Confederate Commissioner to England, 1861-1862
10.45-11.10: Coffee
11.10-1.00 SESSION
Chair: Emily West (University of Reading)
Thomas Strange (Manchester), “The slave funeral: a form of religious resistance?”
Lydia Plath (Warwick), “The Mississippi Insurrection Scare of 1835: A Matter of Honour?”
Sergio Lussana (Warwick), “‘A Robust and Vigorous Lad”: Enslaved African-American Masculinity in the Antebellum United States’”
Stephen C. Kenney (Liverpool), “’…a dictate of both interest and mercy’: Slave health, ‘Negro physicians’ and infirmaries for the enslaved in the antebellum South”
1.00-2.00: Lunch