2019 Edinburgh

Registration is now open for BrANCH2019. The registration form can be found here: BrANCH 2019 Edinburgh registration form

Note that the location of the Friday sessions, and that includes registration, has yet to be confirmed. We will put the information up here, BrANCH will Tweet it as soon as we know it.

You must register by 31st August if you want BrANCH to book accommodation in the conference hotel for you.

If you have any queries about registration, please contact BrANCH Treasurer Dan Peart (d.peart@qmul.ac.uk). This is includes queries about booking additional nights at the conference hotel, which we can do on your behalf at the reduced conference rate subject to availability. Dan is on leave 13-21 July, so if you have any queries about registration that require a quick response then do send those to to him promptly.

BrANCH2019 Conference Programme

Click on the link above to see a draft version of the BrANCH2019 programme.

Best wishes,

BrANCH2019 Conference Secretaries

Dr Rebecca Fraser (becky.fraser@uea.ac.uk)

Professor S-M Grant (susan-mary.grant@ncl.ac.uk)