BrANCH EBAAS (2018) Panel CFP

BrANCH invites submissions for a panel(s) to be submitted to the joint British Association for American Studies/European Association for American Studies Conference that will be taking place in London, 4-7 April, 2018. The details are at:

Without being prescriptive, BrANCH proposes that a sponsored panel(s) might showcase the range of research undertaken by BrANCH members and postgraduates, ideally structured around the EBAAS conference theme of ‘Environment, Place and Protest.’

  1.     Open Panel on BrANCH Research

EBAAS has noted that 2018 is an opportunity, fifty years on, to reflect on the tumultuous events of 1968. A BrANCH panel, obviously, would have the opportunity to locate this anniversary in a far longer temporal trajectory. With this in mind, a range of possible political historical topics suggest themselves, inspired not least by the fact that the EBAAS Conference coincides with the sesquicentennial of President Andrew Johnson’s narrowly avoiding impeachment in the Senate in April 1868. That year, too, saw the first Memorial Day celebrations, and the various ongoing political, economic, social and environmental challenges and changes associated with Reconstruction. A BrANCH panel need not, of course, adhere to the anniversary angle, as the ‘Environment, Place and Protest’ theme allows for a range of approaches.

  1.     BrANCH Postgraduate Panel

BrANCH would anticipate that a distinct postgraduate panel would offer the opportunity for our postgraduate and ECR members to showcase their research in a different environment but broadly within the ‘Environment, Place and Protest’ theme.

Note: in order to facilitate postgraduate/ECR involvement, BrANCH is able to offer some limited financial support in the form of travel costs only up to a maximum of £100 for each of three participants if financial support from the home HEI is not available. BrANCH regrets that it cannot cover conference fees or accommodation costs or any other expenses associated with attendance at EBAAS 2018.

We invite proposals (ideally three-paper panel proposals but individual, too) of c.250 words for each proposed 20-minute presentation. These, together with a one-page C.V. for each panel participant should be sent to the BrANCH Chair, Professor S-M Grant ( by Friday 1st September, 2017.


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